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Welcome to the Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden Plant Database

You can search the database three ways.

  • The first box is a pull down list of all of our plant families. Choose a family then click search by Family
  • The Second box has the option of searching by Genus, Species, Genus and species, Common name, or Country/Region of Origin. For example, Areca, elegans, Africa, South America, Colombia. Enter a name and then click Search.
  • The Last box is a pull down menu to search by Garden Area. Pick an area then click Search Location

This database is a work in progress. Results appear like the random example on the right

So far, the Database includes 1762 accessions, with 488 Genera from 94 families

Drynaria rigidula 'Whitei'

Drynaria rigidulaAccession Number: DRY-010-12-21-001
Author: (Swartz) Beddom
Common Name: (Basket Fern)
Habit: Epiphytic Fern
Garden Location: Orchid Garden, Java Plum By Garden Gate
Comments: Fern Has Two Different Kinds Of Leaves. Short Basal Leaves That Start Out Green And Eventually Dry Out And The Longer Normal Fronds.